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At JDC Communications we design websites, but not just any old website. Granted there are lots of people who can design websites. At JDC Communications though we do a little bit more than just 'design' a web site, we listen intently to your requirements and create a professional website that enhances your business, your brand and your positioning.

Our remit is modern cutting edge designs, with clean and flawless layouts and design elements; that are fast to load, functional to use and easy to navigate. Your website will be aesthetically pleasing that enables you to generate new business in the thousands.

One of the first questions clients ask much does it cost? The answer obviously changes per cient and per proejct, but one thing you can be sure of, whatever you invest you will exponentially recoup your investment fast with effortless ease.  

We like to think we are realistically priced, great quality websites at a realistic affordable price is what we deliver on time, every time. Its not difficult to design a website, but it is difficult to design a website that generates and maximises profits.

Take a look at a sample of websites created by JDC from the hundreds of websites concevied, and realiased for happy clients over the last 15 years...

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Design vs. Labour

Most web designers design for money. JDC designs for creativity and passion and to get you results. Theres a huge difference.

Your Website Design is the first visual element that new and existing customers notice on your website when they enter your website. Its is the main reason in determining if visitors will stay or leave. As these processes are subconscious—and adding to the challenge, you only have approx 5–7 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention— your design has to be right or your visitor will leave, (also known as bounce) - gone forever, CLICK!. 

So help your visitor make the ‘should I stay or leave’ subconscious decision into a positive ‘I want to stay’ emotional experience by following the folowing guidelines.

When selecting a designer or design team it is important to be aware that not all web designers are created equal. Choose the right designer and watch your profits soar. Choose the wrong designer and experience 6–18 months or more of sheer frustration, just waiting for your new website to be built and launched.

Once your website is live, you need visitors and visitors that stay and pay. Bounce Rate is an online measurement that expresses the percentage of visitors who only see a single page on your website before leaving. For every 100 visitors that enter the average website over 99 leave, the average is 99.3% leave. Never to be seen again. This all starts with hiring the right web designer for your project needs. Most designers simply do not have the innate ability to design good websites, which is why so many websites die a slow death in cyberspace.

New Media or Old Media

How many websites do you still see that are loaded with flashing lights and fireworks? Thats explode your senses into overload when you enter. So avoid using Flash (a tool for presenting images and text in a graphical format) if it is not required. Flash has no place on a website desinged to make you money as it’s big, clumsy, loads slowly and can’t be indexed by Google. This in turn means it is bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Flash shows off the design skills of the Flash designer but is next to useless when designing a site for profits. There is one exception to this comment: product demo videos produced in Flash can be very useful, but ensure they are compressed using FLV format, so they are quick to load.

Key Design Elements: 

JDC use a design formula synchronised with natural design flaw and innate passion for design. Your website will include the following on-page elements all working as one: Alignment, Balance, Colours, Contrast, Hierarchy, Repition, Typography not to mention Graphics and Images, Buttons and Internal Links, Logo, Branding and Positioning, Content Postion and load speed, SEO optimised structure and layout. It will be easy to read and scan the pages, it will be fully accessible for all ages and demographics. And to cap it all of the meticulous attention to detail will ensure no errors, no typos, no mistakes.

Fast, Functional and Familair.

Ultimately, your website has to load Fast, be Functional and be Familiar; this is the 3 F Strategy. Keep the colours clean and pertinent to your positioning and product ranges, and use clean uncluttered text and font styles. Make it easy to read by using lots of background white space, with text headers and items grouped in small boxes or small sizes for quick page scanning. You can see the simplicity yet the complexity of a website that works!

Simple vs. Complex.

I'll let you in on a big secret. Web design that gets results is based on simplicity. Here in lies the problem. Most designers are scared of simplicity, they have no clue about simplicity. See, simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve in design, or so most designers believe. Have you heard the saying "KISS = Keep It Simple St*pid!" "or "keep it stupidly simple"?

The thing is if you have innate design skills simplicity is not hard, simplicity is beauty, passion and creativity. Most designers just over think and over anlayze and they are scared to be simple due to a lack of design-esteem and there is an old saying that epitomises this succinctly... "if it was complex everyone could do it!"

Bought Experience is the best Experience.

JDC has 15 years in-the-trenches web design experience. Sure we've made mistakes and we've endured a learning curve but ultimately we've invested time, energy and money in testing, measuring and looking at the results of what works and what doesn't work. Only experience can do this. And when you add this meticulous philosophy and love for design, you ultimately get a website that works, sells products by the ton and makes you huge profits as a result.


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