Website Hosting & Email

JDCC provide high quality, feature-rich, rock-solid hosting. Websites are hosted on the most reliable and fast servers available in the UK. All backed by our timely bullet-proof backups.

Our simple and no-nonsense approach to hosting gives you multiple options to suit your exact hosting requirements, be it hosting for a simple 5-page brochure website, Wordpress or Joomla blog CMS site or a database driven 100,000 product strong ecommerce website built on the Etaila, osCommmerce or Magento platform.

Using the latest technology and simple pricing structure ensures you get exactly what you pay for. Hosting fees are extremely competitive for shared hosting for a basic site through to dedicated hosting using high powered dedicated servers, with no hidden extras.

Selecting a suitable hosting solution for your website requirement is based on mutiple and key factors, including; size of website, website language used, email accounts required, security levels, application development, plus many other factors. Whatever your website and you'll get the best hosting available at JDCC. Windows, Linux or ColdFusion we offer them all.

Our experienced hosting team is available to guide you through your hosting options to help you make an informed hosting.

Hosting Account Features Include:

  • UK Based Servers
  • Daily Backups
  • Full Hardware Firewall
  • Resilient & Powerful Servers 
  • Designated Disc space
  • Monthly Bandwidth Allowance
  • Multiple Secure Email Accounts
  • Secure servers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates Using thawte
  • MySQL & Applications Installation (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Umbraco, DotNetNuke)
  • User Admin Panels & Web Host Manager
  • Run Through Mobile Devices Blackberry iPhones 
  • Email Web Mail
  • FTP Accounts
  • Sub Domains
  • MessageIQ Anti-Spam Technology
  • Comprehensive Website Statistics


Specialist Hosting:

JDCC offer high-performance hosting platforms and packages, optimised for a wide variety of popular software packages and content management systems (CMS). These software packages utilise powerful admin backend databases that enable rapid development of websites that are easy to use, simple to manage, and are content centric as opposed to code heavy systems. JDCC's optimised hosting packages provide a superior hosting platform so you can rely on high quality, performance and reliability for your websites.

E commerce websites using our robust, search engine optimised Etaila ecommerce software are hosted on secure web servers and simple brochure sites using Esitea (similar this site) don't require as much space so cost less to host.

Daily Backups

All JDCC hosting is backed up daily to ensure your website is safe and always online. 

Our shared hosting servers are backed-up 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All backups are checked to ensure they are complete. We do not take chances with your critical data. Many people the world over have been victim to data loss, JDCC totally elimates this concern and invest heavily in storage and backup technologies and methodologies with all backups being performed to offsite storage centres. Complete data loss, critical disasters or just minor breaks by developers... are a thing of the past with JDCC.


Access to your email from any location is now a requisite business requirement. You can rest assured that our hosting accounts all come with high-grade email accounts that include a  powerful and simple to use Webmail client. Now you can access your email from any PC or mobile device with a web browser. This ensures your business continues to communciate and function while you're on the move.

Antivirus - AntiSpam

Statistics suggest that approximately 80% and increasing fast of all email is considered spam. Without appropriate spam protection mailboxes would be full of unsolicted email which results in a drop in productivity and consequently profits. Spammers continually advance their techniques and methodoligies to overcome ever increasing complex spam filters. The spam war is far from over. To combat this all of our email hosting packages are secured by MessageIQ anti-spam technology with integrated antivirus protection.


All JDCC servers are protected by hardware firewalls. This protection is an integral component of all our hosting packages. Firewall protection is an essential business requirement, not an optional add-on. Additionally, our shared servers do not have open ports for remote administration of databases like mySQL and SQL Server. Easy and secure access is provided via an easy to use Customer Virtual Private Network (VPN) system. This gives you optimum efficiency, productivity and usability while offering a secure environment.