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Learn the Art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Unlock Floods of Hungry Traffic to Your Website!

So I guess you want to get found on Google and the main search engines? ...who doesn't more like!

JDC can do that for you, we know unequivocally what's important and what's not, to ultimately make Google and the other search engines love your website...

We can produce SEO EXPLOSIVE keyword rich articles, blogs and web content. Boost your site with underground link building and handle all of the SEO techy stuff to get visitors to your site by the ton.

So what is SEO and why exactly is it considered an art? 

Over 80% of user searches online are via the Google search engine. If your website is NOT in the top 5-10 results you may as well quit right now - shut your website down because nobody can find you. Essentially your site sucks! The reality is that most websites are next to impossible to find and all because the site owner (you) or your website designer who built it, do not know the art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

The internet today is as competitive as ever with literally millions of sites coming online every single day of the year - they are taking your sales! To be found online and get customers landing on your site in their masses, you need to be on the first page of the Google search results listings for your given keywords and keyphrases. Good, solid white-hat (in line with Google recommended practices) SEO is the best way to achieve this effectively, rapidly and for long term dominance of your product, market or niche!

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

No Traffic = No sales. So what is web traffic, does it have wheels?  Simplified, Web Traffic is visitors to your website. Without this you will not sell your product, your service or your brand. The key is about generating multiple ways or methods of traffic that are efficient and effective but not just one, they all must work synergistically. This is called accumulation. Its an accumulative effect. Traffic generation via search engine results all driven by blogs, communities, directories, forums, PR sites, affiliate sites, Review sites, plus many more.

Generating masses of high quality traffic is no secret, its hard work, a formula and ultimately requires experience. Search Engine Optimisation is not for the feint hearted, definitely not for the part-timer nor inexperienced. So who should give the task of driving hordes of hungry-to-buy visitors to your website?

Here's 3 SEO secrets that the SEO gurus do not want you to know: 

Insider Secret Number 1 -  Good Web Designers don't necessarily make exceptional SEO's. Why? Because good SEO is based on content, in laymans terms - writing. Not just any old writing, writing that captivates, educates and inspires your reader but also fuels Google's search results! So with that said you need to find a good SEO writer...

Insider Secret Number 2 -  Good Writers don't always make exceptional SEO's. Why? Because writers don't understand the complexity of site layout, site structure, and performance meta tag implementation. So you need to find a good SEO Engineer...

Insider Secret Number 3  - Good Site Developers and SEO Engineers don't always make exceptional SEOs. Why? Because exceptional SEO is about using a meticulous strategy - based on experience - its a way of using these key ingredients all working in synergy: high quality content, high performance layout, structure and strategic use of meta tags with a solid dose of SEO magic!

Can You Keep A Secret?

At JDC Communications there are no SEO secrets! Just robust, real world results. No stupid claims, No false promises. And for every pound you invest, its a pound very well invested. If you're a budding SEO pro yourself and eager to learn as we turbo-charge your search results... just ask!

Let us now take a look at a few examples of our services in action and the results attained.

Simple Case Study 1: Local Business

CG Cleaning launched their website August 2010. They came to JDC Communications for help, June 2011 having worked with a self proclaimed SEO guru, (his words not ours) and were consistently spending £250 a month. Sales were falling, not growing. I guess talk is cheap and having invested in excess of £2,000 - they needed an injection of reality.

We started by looking at the website strucuture to allow Google to rank the important pages and forget the non important pages such as Privacy and Terms and Conditions. This technqiue alows Google PageRank (google juice) to reach every key are of your website.

At the same time we began loading seo rich content to the website via how-to articles, company specific articles and customer help guides. Next were blogs, loaded with top tips and interesting alerts and notifications all syndicated with the popular social networks and social tools. Google loves juicey keyword loaded content delivered on a timely frequency using a specific keyword density.

Using a synergistic approach we started building high quality incoming links (commonly known as backlinks) generating not only qualified targeted traffic but also building link popularity, link reputation and PageRank, all key ingredients for Google's ranking alogrithums.

This is just the begining and already traffic is up by 23%, conversions (contact to agreement) are up 37% and the extra revenue has basically added £20K to their bottomline. Not bad for a 3 months minimal SEO investment.

Simple Case Study 2: National & Global Business

Aprilia Genuine Parts launched their website in late 2007, they wanted results from day one, not only in the UK but around the globe. As a side note - If you can generate traffic internationally, getting traffic nationally is a sneeze! They go hand-in-hand. I'll show you how we did this in rapid time.

The AGP team hit the ground running and invested in Search Engine Optimization from the very start. Its a good strategy and a recommended strategy because being passive when you launch your website can lead to all kinds of problems - including bankruptcy. You must compete with your competitors, don't sit and wait for Google to rank your site organically over the next 12-18 months. If you do this there is a good chance you will run out of money before your rankings happen. With over 80% of small businesses folding within the first 5 years you can see most businesses make the wrong choice.

We started off by targeting the top 20% best selling products, if you do this it often accounts for 80% of your business. Using keyword rich content for products descriptions, articles and blogs using local, national and international phrases such as "aprilia bike parts UK" or "aprilia parts RST" we were able to quicly dominate the rankings for a plethroa of terms, across the globe including locally. 

Then came site strucutre and internal linking. This means how the site pages all connect via links using SEO friendly terms (anchor text). This enabled the Google spiders to crawl the website and locate every possible important page consequently ranking them high above their competitors. 

To this day Aprilia Genuine Parts crushes the competition on a global scale. not bad for a small monthly investment.

Lets summarise what JDC can do for you and your business starting today!

Using an ecological approach and following Google's 150 plus strict guidelines JDC Communications will deliver you a bespoke, tailor-made Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package and optimised strategy that will help your website deliver traffic in the boatload enabling you to reach your goals, targets, and boost your profits exponentially to figures you never thought possible.

Thats not a claim, thats a promise. Contact Us Now for more information.

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