Mobile Apps | Application Development

JDC develop mobile phone apps for the popular iPhone and Android mobile phones. In addition to tablet apps and iPad apps. Essentially apps or applications will help you serve your customers better and to intensify your brand, positioning and product or service.

But what exactly is a mobile phone app, iPad app and tablet app?

Mobile and tablet applications commonly known as 'mobile apps' or 'tablet apps' allow your clients to add more control, functionality and fun to your smartphone, table and iPad device.

Did you know that there are over 5.4 Billion mobile phone users? Its growing by millions every day. Smartphones are selling in the millions per month, 420 million will be sold in 2011 alone with a predicted 1 billion to be sold by 2016. iPads and Android driven tablets aren't far behind with sales growing exponentially year on year. This is great news for your business as mobile phone apps and tablet apps are hugley in demand. 

The 2 biggest smartphone and tablet operating systems are the iPhone iOS and Google's Android system. Apps are widely available for both of these operating systems with developers the world over working overtime to fulfill the need of smartphone and tablet users and customers. As a business if you don't offer a mobile app or tablet app, you are missing out on a flood of extra revenue.

What Mobile App or Tablet App Can You Create for Your Customers?

That is the question you need to be asking, what app can you build and what will it give your customers?

You also need to be thinking about the following before starting your first app: 

  • What niche or more specifically what micro niche can and will your mobile app serve?
  • How does your mobile app impact the location of the user?
  • Is the App going to be paid or free and if its free how will you monatise this model? 
  • What will you be selling via the App and how will you sell from the app?
  • Will your App have in-app purchases or advertising?


Resource Info: 

The biggest user of apps are under the age of 35, who also happen to be the biggest technology users. But don't count out the 35 plus age group as this is growing fast as technology reaches people with money to invest.  Thousands of Apps being added to the respective app marketplaces on a daily basis and the iPhone App store currently has 425,000 Apps. The Google Android App store has 200,000 apps. This can only tell you one thing; apps are massively in demand.  Even Amazon have launched an Android app store taking on the mighty Google.

iPhone & iPad Applications

Apple iPhone & iPad apps are sold via the iPhone App Store which is installed on every Apple device, or accessible via iTunes on any PC or mobile device. iPhone or iPad apps, open your product or service up to a huge audience. When your customer downloads your app from the App Store it enables their iPhone to do even more. It helps them stay connected with your brand, marketing message and product offering.

When built by JDCC you'll place your business app in the Apple App Store in the appropriate and targeted category, with hundreds to choose from including: business, games, health, lifestyle, productivity, social networking and education, to name a few. This will immediately make it available to millions of people and at the touch of a button. Thats all it takes to download an app!

A small percentage of each app sale goes to Apple for providing an outlet to distribute your app. But this is inconsequential when compared to the size of your audience. Its your choice if your app is free or paid, there are benefits to both options and how you market from the app itself and there is a myriad of options how to monatise your app further.

Ready to build your App? Whatever product, market or niche your business is part of JDCC can build an iPhone app or iPhone app that will enhance your business giving it maximum exposure.



Google's Android operating system is open source, which gives developers full control without restriction. Its available on the android platform found on millions of mobile phone devices around the globe. It isn't compatible with Apple devices but the Android mobile OS is rapidly taking market share competing with apples' iOS. A vast number of mobile phone and tablet devices run on the Android operating system produced by a growing number of manufacturers including Samsung and HTC.

Just like the iPhone App Store Android App Store has hundreds of categories with one to suit your business, product or service category. Your app will immediately add extra control, functionality, and fun to your customers Android enabled mobile phone or tablet device. 

Ready to get started and build your app? Contact JDCC now to see how we can build an Android app that will give your business an extra revenue stream that your competitors don't even know about.